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Love, love, love Carissa! My most recent procedure was cool-sculpting. She knows what she’s doing and good pricing…and I’ve found her willing to go above and beyond…even staying after hours if that’s what it takes! I highly recommend her and will definitely be going back for additional services.

A. Mathews

Extremely pleased with my laser hair removal! I used to have to shave my underarms every day and since my first appointment six weeks ago I have only had to shave TWICE! I have my next appointment this upcoming week and I can not wait to have more areas done! It has truly been one of the best experiences and I am so glad I decided to go through with it. I love Carissa and am excited to try the other services she has to offer.

T. Martin

Carissa is such a sweet person and easy to talk to. I’ve had numerous skin care and laser hair removal appointments with her and have been very happy with my results! I can tell a big difference in the way my skin looks and feels thanks to her. I am also very pleased with her skin care products! She takes her time to listen to your concerns and makes suggestions to help your individual needs. I look forward to many more appointments with Carissa.

B. B

I have used both Carissa and Lindsay and find them both to be very professional. They both make me feel comfortable ! The staff is exceptional and the business is very clean!

K. Hall

I can’t say enough good things about Lindsey and Carissa. I had the best laser hair removal experience possible. I previously had hair removal done at ideal image, and was worried that the process would be extremely painful. It was anything but painful… I was very pleasantly surprised. The customer service I received was top notch, as well. I received multiple follow up appointments to make sure everything was on track. You can tell these ladies truly care about their patients. Lindsey even mailed a hand written ‘thank you’ after my first appointment. It’s been a long time since I’ve received such great customer service. I highly recommend pure aesthetics to anyone interested in laser hair removal.

C. Jones

I’ve been hearing so many great things about pure aesthetics! Definitely something I will be looking into.

S. Ince

I’ve been going here for about 5 months for my laser hair removal and its painless and the results are amazing! I see Lindsey and I highly recommend her service for anyone who has been thinking about permanent hair removal, she is informative and professional.

S. Gabb

I personally haven’t been here yet but I know many people who have and I’ve seen the results, which are amazing. When I finally have a few extra dollars after baby 2, I will be visiting!

K. Swendsen

Carissa is amazing to work with. I’ve had multiple services with her including Laser Hair Removal, Endimed and Cool Lift Facials and there is no one better. I totally recommend Pure Aesthetics to all my friends and clients.

Im almost done with all my laser hair removal treatments and I’m blown away with the results. I couldn’t be happier.

I have list of all the amazing services have done next at Pure Aesthetics. I’m a life long costumer now!!!

K. Winslow

There should be ten stars here! Carissa’s integrity, commitment to customer service and her positive personality rate her in the category of exceptional. Not only did she honor my time and my health by doing her absolute professional best, she consistently educated and patiently taught me new things about my skin, health and self-care. I would recommend her to anyone seeking the care and professionalism of a highly trained esthetician who clearly goes above and beyond. Carissa is a shining example of what it means to blend the science and technology of skincare with a deep commitment to her clients. From my initial consultation to my most recent visit, I was always surprised by how welcome and cared for I felt. Carissa ‘knows her stuff’ and yet she also knows how to convey her integrity and knowledge with each gentle touch or word. I look forward to seeing her after I made each appointment! Thank you, Carissa, for being who you are and for doing such amazing work!

K. Fox

My husband and I had a consultation meeting with Carissa where we discussed CoolScuplting and facial electrolysis. We were both very impressed with how informative and exact Carissa was and with the professional manner that she exhibited. We both were very comfortable and assured by the presentation and the information that we received. We promptly scheduled both the CoolSculpting and electrolysis.

During the first electrolysis appointment I pointed out some concerns I had with my skin, most especially as related to my face, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, general condition and sensitivity to products. Some of the issues are the same that anyone my age probably has encountered. Carissa ask me some very detailed questions regarding my daily skin care, products, exposure to the outside elements and then very thoroughly explained what her observations were of the condition of my skin. She told me in detail about various products that were available and the pros and cons of each product while never pressuring me to purchase anything.

We also discussed what processes were available and the pros and cons of those processes as well, also never pressuring me to avail myself of anything. She gave me samples of various products for me to try and on my return visit questioned me about the results and wanted to know if I had encountered any problems or concerns as well as being interested in what I thought of the product.

She was interested in hearing my responses and opinions. I questioned her about fillers and she advised that she didn’t believe that fillers were needed at this point. I could have them but that they were an expense that she didn’t feel I needed to incur at this time. She advised that establishing a daily/nightly routine skin care process and adding an occasional chemical peel as well as protecting my skin from the sun would resolve my concerns. I then ask her to put together the skin care process and to set me up with chemical peels and facials based on her professional experience. I have been going to Carissa for a year now and my skin is in the best condition that it has ever been.

I’m very informed and knowledgeable about what to do, why you do it and when to do it. In addition, I have been able to pass this knowledge onto our daughters and they are availing themselves of the professional advice. I’m my own worst critic but all of my friends and family continually comment on how great, smooth, soft and glowing my skin looks. Our eldest daughter is so impressed with the results that she is coming to Gainesville especially to work with Carissa. Carissa is very professional, courteous and attentive.

I always feel that she has my best interest in mind and she never makes me feel like she doesn’t have time for me or that my questions are an irritant to her. She has consulted with products representatives about specific concerns or questions that I have brought up. And then relayed that information to me and has followed any recommendations that they have made. The results have always been positive. I have never had a process or procedure that she doesn’t fully explain what she is going to do, what I should feel, what I should expect in terms of healing or recovery and how to care for the area after the procedure.

She always tells me to feel free to call her if I have any concerns. I have continued on the program that Carissa has set up for me and would be lost without her. For me she is my very special miracle worker. I would recommend her to anyone and the fact that our daughter is going to use her is a great statement of trust for us as we don’t entrust the care of our daughters to just anyone. We are even more careful of their care than we are of ours.

K. Wallace

I’ve been dealing with facial hair since I was a teenager. It is extremely embarrassing and stressful. I feel so fortunate to have found Carissa at Pure Aesthetics. She is Patient, friendly, very knowledgeable, and seriously cares about you. it’s amazing to see from where I started to where I am now. Carissa gave me back my confidence. To me, that is priceless! I highly recommend Carissa. She is the best of the best. Her knowledge, understanding and experience of hair removal put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. She is unbelievable in her commitment to giving quality treatment and care.

M. Blanton

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