Stop Aging NOW!

Posted on June 17, 2015

Stop Aging NOW!

By Carissa Blaser Owner/Founder of Pure Aesthetics

Often times I hear women say, “I’m too young for a skin care regimen, I’ll wait until I’m older and have problems with my skin before spending money.” In truth, preventative skin care is where it’s at!!

When your skin starts showing signs of aging, sun damage, or any other undesirable abnormalities, it takes a lot more in office services, products and work to undo the damage versus getting a simple preventative regime in order today.

When freckles, sun damage and even skin cancer show up, it’s not from what is going on now with your skin but from past damage. Frequently people mention they aren’t sure why these new effects are taking place to their skin because they wear SPF religiously. It’s the past sun damage that is now sadly presenting its dreadful reality.

With appropriate skin care by an experienced aesthetician one can avoid expensive regimens in the future as well as ease with the aging process, something we can all benefit from.

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